Meeting: October 5th - Opinionated Git Workflows and the People Who Love Them


October 5th, 2015

11:30 a.m.



Sure, you know you’re supposed to be using version control for your code, but what does that really look like? Is it the same for a single developer as it is for a team? What about local vs distributed?

I’ll share some different workflows for personal, work, and community projects, along with tips on how to avoid some common pitfalls.


Morgan Estes

Web Engineer @ 10up

Morgan is a Web Engineer with 10up, a distributed web development company with a focus on making online publishing easy and fun. He’s also a core WordPress contributor, currently focusing on documentation and enhancements to the toolbar component. He speaks in GIFs, bad puns, PHP, and JavaScript, and tried C# once, but lost focus and fell flat


401 NW 10th,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma