Meeting: Advanced Regex in C# Flavor


Feb 6th, 2017

11:30 am

Advanced Regex in C# Flavor with Steven Fletcher

Regular Expression Workshop:

This is a fun talk, if that’s what you’re into, about Regular Expressions in C#; When to use them, How to use them, and some things C# Regex can do that no other Regex flavor can do. Like a Torx Driver, Regular Expressions are the perfect tool for their specialized use. Unfortunately, many developers use their drivers as hammers or pry bars if it’s the closest tool to grab ahold of.

In this talk;

- I may review some of the basics of Regular Expressions

- I will cover rules 1 and 2 of Regex (When Not to use Regex, and when Not to use Regex)

- I’ll guide developers on some best practices

- And I’ll cover some tricks that are only available in the .NET Flavor of Regex.

Suamere (Steven Fletcher):

My interest in computers began around the release of Wolfenstein, DooM, Hexen, and Duke Nukem. I immediately jumped into level design and learning to network with my buddies so we could PVP. My first programming was around 1994 when I was programming fan sites for DooM and Legend of Zelda. I built many sites for family businesses, personal usage, and even my High School between 1994 and 2000. My main hobbies included C#, C++, HTML, and javascript. I did classic asp/vb “dynamic database-driven websites” from ‘98-‘05 for both gamer groups and the US Navy. My language experience, in descending order, is in C#, then Javascript, then Java, then C++, and others I have dabbled in. I like to mod games like WoW and Skyrim, or build Android apps on my spare time. My favorite food is bread and my favorite color is gray. Also, I’m not at all boring.

Where: StarSpace 46

StarSpace 46
1141 W Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City, OK