Meeting: October 6 - What is Visual Studio Online

What is Visual Studio Online?


October 6, 2014

11:30 a.m.



Officially launched in 2013, Visual Studio Online is, in Microsoft’s own words, “a collection of developer services that runs on Windows Azure and extends the developer experience in the cloud.” That sounds awesome but what does it actually mean? Is it XBOX Live for Visual Studio? Not quite. In this hands-on session, Casey guides the audience through an example project covering Visual Studio Online’s four core features ? source control (via Git), agile planning, automated builds and application insights. At the end of the session you will know all that you need to start using Visual Studio Online on your next major project. If you wish to follow along live, don’t forget to bring your laptop with Visual Studio 2013 installed and sign up for your free (forever) Visual Studio Online account at

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