Meeting: Slaying the Performance Dragon with Elasticsearch


Sep 12th, 2016

11:30 am

Slaying the Performance Dragon with Elasticsearch

Is your Performance Dragon hiding treasures like response time and fuzzy matching? Does your gear include a large database with a particularly large table with a particularly large amount of data? Has the dragon ever sat on your server and brought your entire system down? If so, come join us on an adventure!

In this talk, we will explore a real problem that was crippling performance for our production apps, as well as how we found and implemented a solution in .NET, using AWS and ElasticSearch.

Speaker: Danny Burrows

Danny is a Software Engineer and Dragon slayer at Monscierge. He enjoys all things software and loves to chat tech, gaming, and food.

Where: Prototek

401 NW 10th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma